Our Vision

Our Vision


Our vision is to provide the most efficient, practical and conventional teaching of knowledge and skills to all members in the attempt to empower students with the potential to be confident and effective at self defence. There is a strong commitment to providing exceptional results to students examing and focusing on their individual requirements/needs. Students are given the oppurtunity to develop and grow in a fun and safe environment and be the best they can be.


Sydney Hapkido Academy® is a traditional and reputable martial arts Academy that has been established and in operation since 1997. The club prides itself on providing the best results for students in order for them to defend themselves in any situation.


  • A healthy mind, body and life
  • Self defence
  • Flexibility
  • Circulation and muscle elasticity
  • Mental discipline
  • A way of living and philosophy of life
  • Physical development and growth for children
  • Stress relief and exercise