Rates & Charges

Rates & Charges


$130 per month per person– unlimited training at any time or session.

If you are interested in joining, but have some doubts, you can always try a FREE lesson, see how you feel and if your ready after that, then you can join.

Ongoing Annual Membership Loyalty Fees*
Amount Description Details
$130 yearly* Annual loyalty fee Per student – Would be paid for 2017, and every year after this.
NOTE: (we usually close between 15th Dec to 18th Jan each year, so your monthly payment is what covers this fee
*$100 annual loyalty fee to be Paid on Direct Debit only
Other Additional & Applicable Fees
Amount Fee Type
$60* Grading Fees $60 dollars grading fee is required when going for next belt
PCYC Annual Fees Weekday Classes only, all participants must be PCYC members
$15 PCYC Senior Member A senior member fee is paid annually
$6 PCYC Junior Member A junior member fee is paid annually
*Paid in Cash, Credit Card, or cheque
Paid at the PCYC reception

All prices are valid as at 1st Jan 2013

Important Terms and Conditions:

(rates & charges)
– Prices may be subject to slight change only once per year for new joining members only

– All monthly payments are via direct debit with BSB or Credit Card.

– All joining fees and grading fees are paid in cash, credit card or cheque. This can be done online or face to face. All these payments are non-refundable.

– Upon cancellation of membership you will cease monthly payment one month after your official cancellation in writing. A cancellation form needs to filled out for this. We cannot cancel your membership or payments without a cancellation form and this needs to be given directly to Sydney Hapkido Academy. If you do not contact us to cancel your membership, we will continue with your monthly installments. Suspension of Membership can only be made with special circumstances and with appropriate documentation (medical certificates and evidence)

– Should you wish to reapply, you will need to pay a joining fee again.

– Whether you are sick, injured(unless from class training- where this will be considered), overseas or for any other personal reason, your payment will continue as per normal, as Sydney Hapkido Academy® still has ongoing fees to adhere to in maintaining the operations of the club. In cases where there are some unique special circumstances we can suspend your membership for no more than 2 months.

– Direct Debit installments will continue through periods where the club may be closed, for example Easter Holidays and Christmas Holidays. Please Note: Should you not attend classes and not notify us of your intention to cancel, your Direct debit Payments will continue until we receive Official Cancellation upon which Sydney Hapkido Academy will cancel your payments and membership as per the terms and conditions. There will be no refunds of monies taken in this case, as we need to be advised of your intentions to cancel.

– PCYC Fees are between the PCYC and students and are not part of Sydney Hapkido Academy Fees. – Should you change your Direct Debit details in any way, you will need to contact Sydney Hapkido Academy regarding this to notify them immediately. Should you not have any funds in your account at the time of payment, you will incur a fee from Integrapay regarding this.

– Our Insurance is with www.wwsi.com.au.
– Should you have an injury in class and need to go to the physio and wish to claim for these expenses you can claim for these by filling out the Player Accident Claim Form. If you have questions relating to this, they should be answered in the FAQ Brochure,